How Brand Recognition Helps Your Business

October 11th, 2016 by admin

The huge corporations have it understood. If someone knows their business, then they are in business. It is a simple idea. The sign, logo, or saying that sticks in your brain is the one that stays with you. What do you think when you see those golden arches while driving down the interstate. I think about coffee. They have good coffee. I know that I also have no doubt that those arches will lead to something I am very familiar with.

I have hears it said that due to web usage, brand recognition is not as big a deal as it was before. People still recognize brands online though. When you see that big red target, what do you think? Do you think its from an archery company trying to sell some sporting goods? I doubt it. Brand recognition is one of the best ways to prosper in your business.

Whether you have a cute little storefront or a super flashy web based dynamo on the internet, people will be much more likely to do business with you if they know your name. If you have been working on getting your name out, you are on the right page. This is the sort of thing that you really can’t rest on until you have some success. It is that important.

Create a logo and slogan that stand out and get you noticed. You want to make sure that the colors and design of your logo is consistent each and every time you use it. Be careful not to let the logo vary from item to item, doing this could cause brand confusion and that is ineffective to say the least.

It is said that it takes 5-7 viewings of a logo or brand advertisement before someone will look further into that particular item, and that is why is so important to use the same logo over and over again. So be sure to use the same logo on your letter head, signage, promotional products and in your advertisements allowing people to be exposed to your business name and logo over and over again. This will help create the best impact on your business. Then be sure to track the results. Some companies find that they use the same logo but different advertisements in different local papers for example and then they track who is calling from each ad to see which one is the most effective. This way you can follow the path that is producing the greatest results which will help to insure that your business dollars are well spent.


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